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 Oh, the good ole days

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PostSubject: Oh, the good ole days   Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:38 pm

I remember this server so well, it was the best server i had ever played. I remember when we had finally reached the top 15 on the runescape private server list, i remember great milestones people had like loven pie being the first to 99 smith or strpure the first to 200 str. I remeber the times when i would battle with backslash/nightmare for the top spot in total skill level and money, with me usually in the lead with skills and combat and him in the lead with smithing and money.

I remember when me and backslash and loven would race to be the first to 99 smith with me being in the lead till i quit at 90.

And i remember me being mod on an account and being admin on another.

And i also remember how i was the first too 200agil twice and how i for the most part ended up being the richest, highest combat, and highest total level.

Zack, please ring back zackscape it was and always will be the best server i have ever played. Im still on the forums from starting way back in december 2009 and itsd now August 5th, 2011. thats how good this server was
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Oh, the good ole days
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